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Google Home Max White Review

The Google Home Max is a larger, more powerful speaker than the original Google Home. The custom hardware and dual 4.5-inch woofers and 0.7-inch tweeters produce 20 times more volume. It also features fabric that’s acoustically transparent. The fabric also hides four multi-coloured LEDs, which light up when the device hears you. These LEDs light up white when it hears you, orange when the device is muted, and black when the user is not speaking.


Google Home Max Charcoal is the first smart speaker to feature 360-degree spatial audio. It includes four microphones on either end, dual-chamber amplifiers, and a passive radiator to create a more immersive listening experience. It can also custom feature music based on its location. It can be operated by voice commands or through touch.

This device is available in two colors: charcoal and white. The white model features a gray fabric front. It can also be purchased in black, if you prefer a black front. However, Google missed an opportunity to make the fabric fronts more customizable. But, if you want to switch up the color scheme, you can always change the bottom of your device. The design of the Google Home Max is quite nice. Its rounded corners and clean look make it one of the least obnoxious directional speakers available.


Google Home Max White chalk multiroom Wi-Fi smart speaker is a great way to control your home with your voice. It has the ability to control over a thousand different devices, including thermostats, lights, and other smart home devices. You can even schedule your daily activities and get reminders for important appointments. The speaker also dims the lights when you leave the room and can start compatible devices before you wake up. The speaker also has a built-in microphone so you can easily hear your voice and respond to your commands.

You can also play music in different rooms and even ask Google Home Max to tell you the weather and traffic. You can also set reminders and make phone calls hands-free. With its unique design, Google Home Max makes life easier and gives you more time to do what you love. It comes in two colors, white chalk and charcoal.


The Google Home Max is a new smart home device that works with Google Assistant. Other names for this smart home device include the Google Nest Mini Gen 2 and Google Home Mini. Those who are already familiar with Google Assistant know that it can be used to control a variety of things, from your thermostat to your music.

The Google Home Max features an immersive sound experience. It is an ideal addition to your home theater or entertainment center. Controlling the speaker and music are simple with a touch of the device. The Google Home Max Charcoal is a sleek design that gives you great sound quality. It is made to fit into any entertainment space. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality music.

Compared to the smaller smart speakers like the Google Home and Echo, the Home Max sounds clearer. The sub-bass response is strong and the speaker doesn’t distort at high volumes. It also features a rubber bass pad to prevent any sound from being disturbed while listening.


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